Interested in helping us bring Pirate Island to life? We're looking for intrepid adventurers to staff this game, so if you've the stomach for it, please email us at - we'll save a hammock and a swallow of grog for you!

Staffing is free and sleeping quarters are provided. If you let us know you're coming in advance, we'll be sure to have some fun roles set aside for you. If you've never LARPed before and are looking for an introduction, staffing is a great way to get a feel for a game.

Also, by staffing our game, you can earn CP towards these other fine Accelerant Games:

Special Offer
For those who have staffed Radiant Dragon or Prophecy II, we are offering the following special CP bonus. If you staffed the September 2008 event for either game, you may earn a 1.5 starting CP bonus. If you staff the October 2008 game (finale game), you may earn another 1.5 CP bonus. If you staff both these events, for either game, you will earn an additional 1 CP bonus, for a total of 4 bonus CP. These CP may be applied to your starting character, during character creation.

Staff Roster
Our Campaign Staff currently consists of the following pack of rowdy sea dogs:

  • Kat Alix-Gaudreau, Pirate Captain and Campaign Director
  • Roger Alix-Gaudreau, First Mate & Punisher of Mutineers
  • Ben Becker, Munitions Expert & Keeper of the Cookpot
  • Kara Minotti Becker, Cannibal Expert & One-Eyed Seer
  • John Corbett, Keeper of the Bilge Rats
  • Allison Corbett, Siren Expert & Keeper of the Sculpey Monster
  • Derek Dalis, Wrangler of the Damned
  • Cliff Dike, The Singing Scourge of the Seven Seas
  • Scott Long, Sea Chanty Expert
  • Gina Long, Bloodiest Buccaneer
  • Michelle Mallette, Weaver of Fates Both Cruel and Kind
  • Taras Mauch, Cannoneer Extraordinaire
  • Rob Rassman, Tallest. Pirate. Ever.
  • Derrick Slowikowski, Keeper of the Treasure Trove