Pirate Island will be using the Accelerant Rules System. Below, you'll find summaries of the skill headers to whet your appetite, but game information and full rules are now available in our Game Book!

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Bad Luck Jack
"I can see the Black Spot upon ye, matey. You'll be feedin' the fishes before dawn."
The world is full of mystery and a pirate's life has more than most. Bad Luck Jacks are those unlucky souls who can twist the strands of fate and cause "accidents" to befall their enemies. Though they are often mistrusted and avoided by land-lubbers, Bad Luck Jacks have their uses onboard a pirate ship - particularly when the Capn's trying to outrun a British frigate in hot pursuit!

Bilge Rat
"A stockade round the port town? Stone or wood? Eh - I gots just the thing fer that!"
Wild-eyed and at times addle-brained, Bilge Rats aren't usually fit for genteel company. Luckily, few pirates can be described as "genteel", so Bilge Rats fit right in with the crew. When you need to fire the cannons, booby-trap your treasure, or cobble together spare munitions, you better have a Bilge Rat onboard. If they're a little over-eager at times with what they load into the Capn's blunderbuss, who's to complain?

"Boarders comin' up broadside? We'll take care of that, Sir...ah, I mean Cap'n!"
There are many scurvy dogs that began their career as a member of the British Royal Marines. These soldiers-turned-pirates typically excel at maritime combat and tactics. Marines make for stalwart sailors who can defend the ship with a boarding pike, then turn around and blast the devil who's sneaking up behind!

Old Salt
"Listen up mateys, for this is how it happened long ago upon the Seas..."
Old Salts are those who've spent their entire lives upon the sea. They are collectors of pirate lore and are most knowledgeable about life on the High Seas. They entertain the crew, advise the Captain, and can use their stories and songs to bolster the crew in battle. Many a tale, whispered in awed tones, speak of pirate crews that triumph against impossible odds, buoyed up by the knowledge and passion of the Old Salts on the ship.

"Lieutenant, let's see if that Spanish galley is inclined to donate to France's coffers..."
Privateers are typically lords and ladies who took to the sea in service to their country, then discovered that joining the pirates was far more lucrative than beating them. Privateers can generally be discerned by their fine dress, fancy speech and refined taste in spirits. Though some assume these nobles-turned-pirates are more genteel, or even squeamish, some of the most bloodthirsty dogs upon the sea are Privateers.

Saw Bones
"We was attackin' a merchantman - pistols a-blazin', swords a-swingin' - and blow me if one of me own didn't cut me 'and off by accident!"
No ship is complete without someone who can patch up the crew. Some Saw Bones are pirates who're just handy with a needle, while others are trained doctors whose services have been "commandeered". However they came to live the pirate's life, the matey who can get ye on yer feet with bandages and a shot of rum is the one you want to keep on yer crew.

"Hoist the colors ye scallywags and step handsomely now! The Seas be up and there's plunder to be had!"
Scallywags are the bread and butter of any pirate crew. Cool under cannon fire, quick to follow orders and always ready for a fight, the ship would founder for sure without a steady crew to man her. The scallywag's love of the sea and his ship is expressed by his eagerness to defend her.