Drink up, me hearties, for tomorrow we set sail for Dead Man's Isle.

Surely, you've heard the story of the Pirate King? Captain John Tess, who wreaked havoc on the Seven Seas for almost 100 years, then retired to Dead Man's Isle. Relentlessly pursued by the British Navy, Captain Tess had to find a way to escape, or be hanged for piracy (and allegedly seducing the King of England's daughter, but such a foul rumor I would never repeat in such esteemed company).

It's said Captain Tess made a pact with Poseidon himself, or maybe it was through some other trickery, but he found a way to defeat the British Navy. He went on a quest, did Capn' Tess, and came back with the Magic of the Seven Seas. Being a generous sort, he shared that magic with the other pirates, and anyone who is one of the brethren can still wield the power of that gift. Capn' Tess and his crew defeated the might of the British Navy, and caused a mist to rise up around Dead Man's Isle. Those ships that dare to sail into the mist soon find themselves sailing back out again, or tossed upon the rocks of other nearby islands, the crews snoring in their sleep. I hear the only way to reach the Isle is with a token from the Pirate King. For everyone knows Dead Man's Isle is a pirate's paradise - a safe harbor for any pirate that needs it, and the location of the Pirate King's famed treasure.

Now rumors float upon the waves, whispering that the Pirate King is reaching the end of his infamous days, and has invited pirates the world over to come to Dead Man's Isle. Tokens have gone out as well, given to certain trusted captains. What does the Pirate King want with all the brethren of the Seas? Does he seek to share his vast treasure? Or does he have a plan to rid the world of navies and merchants who're a bit too eager to make fine upstanding pirates dance the hempen jig?

Come, set sail with us, yeh landlubbers - for a pirates life is a glorious life and you've never lived till you've died at sea!