So, lad, ye'd hear the tale of "Black Cat" Coogan, eh? Pour me a ration o' rum and I'll spin ye the yarn.

'Twas fifty years ago that Black Cat Coogan hunted in these waters, and nary a soul he left alive to spread the word of his terrible deeds. All was well for Coogan until he took the HMS Shrike; she was captained by Christopher Tarrington DuBuque, eldest and favorite son of Sir Richard Tarrington DuBuque, of His Majesty's Admiralty.

Coogan was a heartless villain, and well-named; any ship what crossed his path met a foul end indeed. When word of Christopher's death - and the varied cruelties that went with it - reached Sir Richard, he sent forth word that any man what delivered Coogan to him would never again want for coin. Moreover, should the one who brought Coogan forth be pirate, all his sins would be forgiven by the Admiralty.

Months passed. Dozens tried their hands at taking Coogan, and every one was sent to the bottom. Black Cat had the head of one - the pirate hunter Frederick McAlister - sent to Sir Richard at the Admiralty Court. But while Coogan enjoyed the killing that the bounty on him brought, there were some in his crew what was getting tired of never being able to be ashore for more than an hour afore someone come looking to collect the reward. Most notable of these men was named Half-hand Ingles.

Half-hand was Coogan's bosun, and a right scurvy dog at that. He'd heard tell of the reward on Coogan, and found the temptation too great. Moreover, Ingles wanted a woman that fancied Coogan over himself.

Half-hand left word for the Royal Navy where Coogan was bound. Eventually they caught up with Black Cat near Ile de Crane and closed for a boarding action, knowing full well that Coogan could never turn down an opportunity to spill blood in the sea. That's when Half-hand turned coat.

Full half the crew turned with Half-hand, and soon Coogan found himself pressed hard 'tween the English and the mutineers. Screaming foul oaths to the lords of the deep, decrying Ingles' betrayal, Black Cat Coogan threw himself at his enemies, determined to take the heart of the cowardly dog what betrayed him. Instead he came face to face with Edward Tarrington DuBuque, younger brother to Christopher and captain of the pirate hunting vessel HMS Indefatigable. Half-hand took that moment to shoot Coogan in the back.

It's said that Ingles gloated over his former captain, as Black Cat slowly bled to death; saying that he'd have the woman, that the Royal Navy had promised him not only a full pardon, but a Letter of Marque to go with Black Cat Coogan's ship. Ingles intended to continue piracy under England's protection while using Coogan's reputation.

Black Cat could take no more. His oaths changed and took on a darker tone, now calling on more sinister powers. As DuBuque approached, intent on taking Coogan's head, a dark mist rose from the sea and covered the deck. When it cleared, Coogan and all his loyal men were gone. All that was left was a skull shaped bloodstain where Coogan had been.

Black Cat Coogan was gone, but it was not the end of his piracy. Since then he's been seen many times - all fog and foul mood - and every time he's heard screaming for vengeance on Ingles. Steel passes through him, and naught but death follows in his wake.

Ingles himself came to a bad end. 'Tis said his ship, renamed HMPV Thorn, foundered in a storm and was lost with all hands. Sad to say, such news never reached Coogan in whatever hells he now calls port, for he still can be seen, calling Ingles to task.